Yesterday, my dad passed away. He’s been in hospice care for over 6 months with terminal cancer. He was 91 years old and was a great guy. He was very easy-going, personable with everyone and silly. I think I got a lot of my personality from him.

The last conversation I had with him was perhaps the most personal and emotional conversation I’ve ever had with him. I told him that my brother sexually abused me when we were younger. My dad was in shock, but he said he totally supported me and believed me. So I’m glad I’ll always have that moment, despite not being able to see him very often.

Last night my mother finally called me at around 10:30pm and essentially said she doesn’t believe me and that nothing happened. She also tried to make it seem like my dad didn’t believe me. She tried to take that away from me too. So everything she said hurt a lot, but I was able to stand up to myself to her and said I guess she’s made her choice. What else can I do? You can’t convince someone like that. 

So I lost my father yesterday, but in a way I also lost my mother.

  1. rayanngraff said: so sorry about your loss, i’m glad you were able to tell your dad and hopefully your mom will accept it one day soon as well. <3
  2. kayliesaurusrex said: i’m so, so sorry for your losses. sending you love and support. you’ll be okay.<3<3<3
  3. laurabarton said: My condolences for the loss of your father. :( I hope your mother comes around one day, too.
  4. dktragonizer said: I’m really sorry for your loss. Stay strong, and I hope your mother eventually comes around. I can’t imagine how painful her denial of your abuse is.
  5. ashlynclairebs said: my god you are an amazingly strong person. to have a parent not believe you and pretty much choose the unfaithful over you, it’s hard, i know. and losing your father, i could never imagine. stay strong. keep those positive thoughts. your father loved you and still does even…
  6. k0wai-kois0 said: I am so sorry this has happened to you.Your father sounds like an amazing man and it is very sad that he passed away. As for your mother, I hope she comes round. If not I will have to teach her a lesson or two…!
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