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If you don’t have Silk’n Blue, you can read more about that here. You may struggle with hard-to-cover blemishes, here’s the makeup way! 

Figured I’d share this for you guys to try if you wanted!


I look gross… Not only is there the picked spots and sore red cheeks, but I’ve got blackish-yellow eyes from the hectic week I’ve had.


Put together a self care/distractions kit :). I am really making an effort to use my DBT skills more, and I really liked this idea. Thought I would post because I am happy with it and also in case anyone was looking for ideas for what to put in one. So here is what’s in mine:

- Magazines (for making collages)
- A sketch book for writing or drawing
- Some colouring pages
- A paper cube craft
- A few books that I like
- A yoga video
- Two books of affirmations and positive inspiration
- A sudoku and a crossword book
- Supportive letters and cards from friends and family (to remind myself that people care about me)
- Bubbles (who doesn’t love bubbles)
- Three stress balls (I kinda like these)
- Two soft stuffed animals
- Markers, pen, pencil, and ink pen
- Balloons
- Rubber ball (to bounce off a wall or to throw across the room if I’m angry)
- A face mask
- Phone numbers of people I can talk to
- Body butter that smells wonderful
- Nice tasting lip balm
- A charm given to me by one of my nurses in the hospital
- An elastic band
- Sticky tack (fun to play with)
- Nice smelling perfume
- Bubble bath powder

"Please stop telling me to stop."
— TLC’s Six-Word Memoir contest has begun! What is your six-word story? (via tlcbfrb)
Anonymous Asked
QuestionSomething I used on my face caused me to get a rash (dermatitis). I went to the doctor and got a steroid shot, but she said it may take a couple weeks to go away. I don't even wanna leave the house. My face is pale, dry and blotchy. I feel so ashamed, and gross. It feels uncomfortable as well like a tight feeling. I have to leave the house though but I can't deal with people looking at it. There's no way to cover it up since it's my face! Answer

Sorry that happened to you. Having a sudden rash or other skin issue on your face can be particularly troubling. And make you not want to leave the house or see anyone. So I hope you were able to do something to alleviate your rash since you wrote me.

And apologies for the delay, I’m not good about quickly answering questions because I mostly only do that on my computer, which means I have to be home, and put some time and attention.

Anyway, I think it depends on how bad it is. If make up can help and you’re comfortable and know how to use it, then that’s always one way to cover it up. But you say there’s no way to cover it up, so not sure if that’s a good option for you.

There’s no way to really maximize healing time too. The skin heals in its own time, especially when it is something new like a rash. Whatever caused the rash has to get cleaned out of your body’s system but that can honestly take days or weeks. I know that it seems like a long time, but I think the fact is that you may have to live with it.

Perhaps a lot of your worry is what people are going to say, or they might stare at you. If they are friends you can go up to them and start out by saying, “Oh, I got a rash, and I’m really self conscious about my face right now. My doctor said it’ll go away but it might take a few weeks, so I’m just trying to cope with it”

Or something similar. Pre-empt the stares or what people may be secretly wondering about you. If they are nice people (and why else would they be your friends), they might say they understand or give you a hug, or other form of support and encouragement. If they are assholes, then come up with some witty comebacks and tell them they are acting like an asshole and walk away from them.

If they are strangers, well, they don;t know you, so they may stare or think something weird or secret about you but you can’t help that.

I guess what I’m saying generally is that you have to deal with it yourself better and cope with the repercussions of the rash. And I think this goes for anyone with scarring or bad skin or a disfigurement. Many people go through this their entire lives, so they have to learn to cope with people’s reactions. 

The other part is your own feeling and sense of self-esteem which you need to build up within yourself. It can be devastating to have a rash or other scarring on your face, so being more comfortable with it yourself and knowing that it doesn’t change who you are as a person is important. Your personality and who you are isn’t changing so a lot of work must come within yourself.

Anyway, hope I could at least provide some empathy and support. Thanks for writing and good luck.


Watch this inspirational video of Katy who will be presenting at our upcoming workshop in Toronto. Katy is also our London, Ontario Peer Support Leader!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI don't mean progress on just picking. I mean progress in terms of multiple things like picking and keeping my mood stable. Answer

Well I don’t just mean progress on picking. You can make progress about anything and have a setback. Or slip. You can’t have recovery without a set back. Or relapse is part of recovery. Ever heard that popular saying? 

It’s true. Anyway, you don’t improve in a straight line, you are allowed to take steps back. Just don’t let it discourage you. Your parents should know better because they are older and should understand recovery and relapse, but maybe they need to be informed.

Thanks for writing!